Wilbur and Orville Wright biography | Wilbur and Orville success story

There are many people in the world who have worked hard to fulfil their dreams, tried once again to achieve success, if not successful.

Let’s know the success story of two such brothers who have achieved this success after countless hard work and perseverance.

Two brothers, named Orville and Wilbur Wright, have changed the world for the first time by making airplanes. Has made our life comfortable. This was the thinking of those two brothers, because of which we can easily go from one place to another in an airplane. Whom we know today as Wright brothers. This invention is considered one of the biggest inventions of modern time.

Childhood & Initial life

Let’s know about these two brothers, about whom only a few people will know. Wilbur Wright was born in 1867 and Orville Wright in 1871. His father’s name was Milton Rights, a pastor.

If we talk about both brothers, both brothers were separated from nature since childhood. Like Wilbur Wright, since childhood he was good at writing, sportsmanship and studies. His dream was to be a teacher after growing up.

Whereas Orville Wright were mischievous since childhood. Because of which he was also expelled from school. In 1978, once in childhood, his father brought a toy helicopter. This was the first opportunity for both of them. When they saw a flying toy. However, after playing for a few days, the toy broke. And those two brothers thought of making it on their own. With his pride and dedication, he also succeeded in making a day.

Struggling to establish business

However, after studying in Elementary School, Orville took admission in high school. But to start the printing business, he left school in the middle. Wilbur also got hurt while playing ice hockey, after which Wilbur joined the printing business with his brother.

In 1889, both brothers published a weekly Newspaper called West Side News. Later on, due to loss in this business, the newspaper had to be closed. And focused on commercial printing, but soon had to stop due to losses. After that started the work of making and selling bicycles. Very few people knew this business at that time. Because of which both brothers earned good money and started thinking about fulfilling their childhood dreams.

Aircraft inventions

The Right Brother was very impressed with Lilienthal, a German inverter who had already executed several successful flights but died in a gliding accident in 1896. Impressed by his death, both brothers decided that they would definitely seek a safer and better way to fly. Keeping this mind, both brothers started reading the research on books written by different inventor

Built 3 gliders between 1900 and 1902. In which the first glider was able to carry a man. The latter 2 gliders were much more advanced than before. After that Wright Brothers made a powerful aircraft in December 1903, after many tests and research, the aircraft took the longest flight of 59 seconds and during this time it also had a height of 852 feet. After this success, both brothers have never looked back.

Later, when the aircraft was fully developed, Wright Brother sold the first aircraft to the US Army for $ 30,000. Due to high demand in Europe, in 1909, he formed his company under the name of Wright Company.  Wilbur was President and Orville Vice President in this company.


In 1912 Wilbur died of a typhoid . For a few years, Orville took over the company and in 1915 Orville sold the Wright Company and in January 1948 Orville also died of a heart attack.

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