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Defeating people always thinks about to be failure but wining people always thinks about successful prizes. You must have heard about a successful entrepreneur and one of the richest man of world “Jack Ma” who is an owner of “AliBaba” his total net worth income is more than $20 billion. How did He become a successful man? If we would know about this story. We must think about how a failure became a successful entrepreneur. He also serves as a role model for start-up businesses

Brief Biography of Jack Ma

Childhood and early life

Jack Ma, or Ma Yun [ma’ y’n] his Chinese name born 10 September 1964 is a Chinese business magnate, investor, politician and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chairperson of Alibaba Group. When he was 13 years old started to learn English and that time China main language was Chinese and English was not considered to be most important in china. He never took help to learn English form any teacher, in order to learn English he became tourist guide and used to practice speaking English while making tourist roam. This job he had done around 9 years thus he got good knowledge of English.

While roaming with a tourist a deep friendship took place and gave him the name “Jack” by the tourist, because he found it hard to pronounce his Chinese name.


Jack was not good in study and because of he got failed 2 time in 4th standard and 3 times in 8th however he passed the school exams and 5 times failed in college entrance exams. He took admission in college considering to be very worst college and in 1988 he graduated in English.

Initially jack’s career was full of unlimited failure. He has applied for jobs at 30 different –different places but every times he got disappointed, meanwhile once he went for KFC for interview that was new in china and for which 24 people had applied for the job, all 23 person got selected other than Jack, being good in English he was appointed in college as a lecturer and worked for couple of days as translator


Beginning of 1995 he went to America to meet his friend and he saw first time internet and prior this he did know about internet. First time jack searched the word “Beer” on internet, many details found on internet from many countries but not a single details found from china also found that not a normal information is available on internet about china. He was looking for good opportunity in internet world and made a website with his friends to add small and big businesses by name “china Yellow Page” being a good concept did not get fund in china and because of had to shut down this business

Being a many time failure, perhaps there would be a man who think ahead to do something in future.

Considering his previous mistakes again he set up the same concept with his wife and 20 people and made another website by name “Alibaba.com” initially had to face many difficulties and by investment of “Soft Bank” he never looked back.

He expelled the biggest E-Commerce company “E-Bay” from his country, and Alibaba having more network than Facebook, and the money earns by E-Bay + Amazon together, merely Alibaba earns money more than the Ecommerce.

We should not fear of any failure. Failure means have to go ahead with full strength

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