Brijmohan Lall Munjal biography | A success story of Hero Bike

A success story, everybody says about it but reality we don’t know. How a success man got the success? Today we are going to explain a story which made a success icon for hard worker.

Let’s have a look world’s largest two wheeler Motorcycle manufacturer company which had been started by Brijmohan Lall Munjal along with his 3 brothers before getting India independence. He had a dream to build such transport that affordable to common people. For which he started his business by selling bicycle parts along with he made world’s largest two wheeler Motorcycle manufacturer company. How did he make it? We would know all things addressing below.

Brijmohan Lall Munjal was born on 1st july 1923 at Kamalia when India was not independent. After independence and division Kamali is a part of Pakistan. Brijmohan Lall Munjal came at age of 20 in India from Kamalia to Amritsar along with his 3 bothers, Dayanand Munjal, Styanand Munjal and Omprakash Munjal. Brijmohan had started his business at smallest level of bicycle parts and as soon as his business grew he collected some money and established a company by name Hero Cycles in 1954 where he used to build for cycle material such as chains, handles etc. during next two years Punjab’s local government had revealed a tender to make bicycle. In which Hero Company bid for tender and fortunately Hero group got the licence to make cycles by the government. Thereafter along with his own capital and with the help of 6 lakhs capital given by government. Hero group started business to make cycles. Initially production was not much but by passing of time productions increased by 75 hundred cycle within a years. Till 1975 Hero group become India’s largest bicycle brand and started to sale in abroad at wide level. By passes of time till 1986 it became world’s largest bicycle brand. Same year its record was booked in Guinness book records. And if we talk about todays, company make around 19,000 cycles per day.

After getting success of bicycle industries Company moved in Motorcycle industries and first time a Hero majectic mopad was made. In 1984 Hero group had made an agreement to make Motorcycles with Honda Japan’s company. Hero group had established a plant with Hero at Dharuhera in Haryana and in 1985 first bike was launched by name CD 100. This bike created boom among common people because this was built in view of common people. On account of his mileage and comfort its sale was increased and liked by people. That’s was the reason that during 1985 – 2002, 86 lakhs Motorcycles were sold in markets.

Getting success in Motorcycle industry both Hero and Honda became separate in August 2011 but it had been selling since 2013 as Hero gave royalty to Honda to use its name.

After getting separate Hero extended its company by name Hero Motocorp and today it is world’s largest two wheeler motorcycle manufacturer company. In India 46% people prefers to buy Hero bike.

After getting lots of success Brijmohan Lall Munjal passed away on November 1st ,2015. But before this he made us learn many things to get success in our life. How he succeed in his life from making bicycles part to Motorcyles.

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